Giveaway, and another Groovyghan update


I’ve had very few responses to my giveaway offer of a few days ago so this is just a reminder to comment on that post to have a chance to win.

All my grannies now have six rounds – only one round to go on each. I still only have one flower block, but there are five dot blocks done, the latest being the yellow and purple.



I did also make five 4″ diameter coasters for my oldest son’s desk in bright colours, at his request, but didn’t take any photos. And as I am planning to help teach crochet and knitting at the local library this fall, I also made some teaching aids showing different stitches and methods of crochet.

I’ll be going to the pottery studio shortly, arriving a couple of hours before the scheduled class time so that I can get started on some new projects. It’s a ‘make whatever you like’ class, as next week we glaze. I saw an idea on Pinterest for pressing alphabet pasta into the clay, which then burns off in the kiln to leave the impressions of the letters. If they don’t mind me trying it, I’m going to do it – I have some teeny alphabet pasta in the house and I’m taking it with me. My plan for tonight is to make another soap dish and some sort of caddy for my kitchen that will hold the sponge, nail brush, etc.

It’s been a beautiful week weather wise, with a temperature yesterday of 21 officially but felt much warmer when I was out walking, and today is mild with diffuse sunshine and still good for having the windows and kitchen door open.

Hope your week is going well.

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  1. I really like seeing the process of the afghan, and I’m sure that the coasters were wonderful.

    Best of luck with teaching crochet classes, I would really like to help out at my LYS but don’t have the confidence to offer (though I’m told time and time again that my talent is more than adequate), but I feel that my LYS really needs more crochet-based classes instead of primarily knitting.

    I hope the pottery studio lets you try the pasta method!

  2. Thanks Ashie. I still get nervous teaching but it always works out fine. And I did get to use some pasta letters last night. I made a very chunky mug (because the clay has to be extra thick to embed things in it) with my name on it! Cross fingers it turns out well after firing.

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