A skirt, some knitting progress, and a new Netflix addiction 



I bought some really cheap fabric at work the other day. It was $3.60 a metre after the 70% discount so I went mad and bought four different prints. I took a look online and found a tutorial for an Easy Knit Skirt at Sugarbeecrafts.com that looked simple enough. I followed the instructions fairly closely, using the whole width of the fabric for the main part of the skirt, and seaming it only once rather than at each side. 

I like it. It’s comfortable and I could actually go a bit smaller on the waistband for the next one. For a maxi skirt, it took only about 1.2 metres of fabric. 


Here’s Thorin’s Hooded Cowl so far. The cowl part is finished and I’ve bound off half of the stitches and started the hood bit. There’s a short straight section before increasing for the shape of the head. I’m almost at the end of two skeins of yarn so will definitely have enough to complete this project – in fact I suspect two skeins will go back into the stash. 

And the latest Netflix show I’m watching? Last Tango in Halifax. On the recommendation of a friend, I started watching today, having exhausted all seasons of Psych. That’s the Halifax in England, not Canada.  Very entertaining!

Once again, I’ve run out of waking hours and it’s time to retire and recharge my batteries. Happy Friday!

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  1. I need some new skirts as all the ones I have are way to big for me after shedding weight on the Fitness Pal program. We love Last Tango but watch on tv rather than Netflix, can’t wait for the next series.

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