Black skirt-scarf


This is what I’ve been watching tonight…

Bobwilson123’s rectangular corner to corner granny video tutorial image I was very surprised, when browsing Ravelry and Pinterest, not to find the sort of skirt I had in mind to make. I’m sure I’ve seen a wraparound skirt somewhere and I thought it would be perfect to wear in the winter over jeans. When I’m out walking, the coldest part of me is the top half of my legs. I know that jeans are hopeless for keeping one warm, but I’m not about to squeeze a layer of thermal underwear underneath!

So, I needed a  “wearable blanket” or “waist scarf” type thing to cover the area between the bottom of my jacket and my knees.

I have over three balls of Stylecraft Special Aran in black, which is probably the most sensible colour to use for this, and I decided on a 5mm hook for a smaller, firmer stitch.

Clare at bobwilson123 is someone I’ve probably mentioned before and I love her video tutorials (her Aussie accent helps)!

Anyway, enough of the chat, I really should be crocheting. It’s been about minus 5 all week and I need extra warmth!


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  1. Ooh, I hope there will be a photo of the finished skirt 🙂 Sounds like a great idea to adapt for a pair of leggings too.

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