Stash is packed away



OK, the yarn is all packed away again. It looks a lot, spread out on the floor, but not so much when tucked in its cubbies in bags or crocheted baskets. Centre top are some FOs which are waiting for their recipients to make themselves known. Five sections of the hutch are full of yarn, plus there’s a bit more on top of my button stash and in the knitted bag bottom right. The knitting, sewing and quilting books were pulled out and reorganized, and the pile of paperwork bottom left (which came out of my patterns binder) was ruthlessly weeded to about half of that quantity. I have made some notes in the black binder of which patterns I might hook up to which yarn, and I’ve also printed out some patterns from my Ravelry queue to inspire me.

I tend to be lazy and make stuff on the fly with crochet. Rather than follow a pattern, I’d rather be making it up as I go along, but this year I think I will be crocheting up other people’s ideas.

Wow, I’d forgotten how easy it is to type properly on a real keyboard rather than an iPad. And the photo loaded so effortlessly. I think I may have to make a point of using the iMac to blog in future – it’s worth it!

I joined another Ravelry group today (just as well I weeded out a couple of groups recently too, or I’d be really swamped). It’s called Creative Crochet Workshop and I heard about it by looking at the Hot Right Now patterns on the patterns tab. There is a Mystery Crochet-Along (MCAL) starting January 20th for a scrappy scarf. I added the MCAL to my queue and joined the group so I can keep up with the clues, which will run for four weeks.

Is anyone else having a New Year energy spike? I’m having a smoothie cleanse this week (along with Tai Chi Man), find myself cleaning out extra drawers and cupboards in my house in addition to the usual weekly houseclean, and feel so much better now that my craft room is all neat and tidy again. What next? Actual dusting? Hmmm…..

PS: forgot to mention that despite my good intentions to not acquire any more yarn for a while, I was GIVEN some today. That is actually acceptable according to the yarn ban-along. It was yarn that was sent to the store that I work at in error. I think it’s Red Heart I Love This Yarn in a variegated colourway that we don’t actually stock. So they presumably are sending us the correct yarn and the manager said I could have the wrong stuff. Four skeins of it! Had to smile 😉

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