Crazy cat bag


A refreshing change from the crochet posts – sewing!

I had a thought to make something for a friend’s birthday and spotted this crazy cat fabric at work the other day. It’s perfect! (She is a crazy cat lady, after all.) I bought two metres so I could make TWO bags, one for her and one for me.

I had a quick look in the clearance aisle and found some bright pink fairly heavy fabric for the lining, and added some pink webbing for handles.

The cat fabric is striped in such a way that all I had to do was cut across following one of the printed lines, neatly dividing it so that I can make a second bag out of the second half of the width. I added a pocket to the inside and squared off the bottom corners. I’m rather proud of how the bottom of the bag came out.

Certainly not a professional job, and I will do certain things differently the next time, like shorten the handles a bit and incorporate the ends of the webbing into the top seam, but I think my friend will like it.


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