WIP: Demelza – awesome hooky skillz



I whizzed through the remainder of the four rectangles today by settling myself on the couch with my laptop, Netflix (Zoo) and my bag of yarn for most of the afternoon and evening. Obviously I had to take a break to make and eat dinner but I stayed up late until the last stitch was finished, despite the fact that I was up early this morning, and I’d like to be up early tomorrow morning.

And of course I am delaying my rest by blogging about it!!!

Now my butt is sore from all the sitting, and I have a little bit of a headache, but it’s so nice to be on schedule with week two of the blanket. Tomorrow, the next part of the Peacock Tail Bag is released and I will be ready.

I do have a couple of other small projects I want to tackle. Tai Chi Man and I ordered new phones (unlocked, Android) from Amazon and are passing our basic ones on to the boys. They’ve never had phones of their own before – they are pay-as-you-go, which is what we’ve always done, and really just for phone calls and texting. They won’t have a data plan, only wifi.

So Tai Chi Man and I will now have larger phones that need larger crocheted cases to protect them from the bumps and scrapes of life. They do a good job when kicking around inside a backpack though one does have to take them out of the cosy to use them. The downside of that was demonstrated today when I dropped mine in a parking lot and it came apart. It has a couple of scratches on the edges now, but thankfully still works and didn’t end up disappearing down the nearby drain.

Hope your week is awesome!



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