The makeaholic makes again

The makeaholic makes again

Did you see my new byline? I’d be interested to know how many people actually view my blog on a desktop computer and see the pretty WordPress template I use.

I edited the “Just me, waffling on…etc” to “The adventures of a makeaholic”! Credit should go to my boss for the term.

So, what have I got for you this weekend? I’ll try to keep the chat to a minimum.

Legwarmers knitted with Cygnet Chunky and Knit Picks Brava worsted. Same yarn and colours as the batwing sweater. Finished ages ago, forgot to post about them.

Second bucket hat. Sweet Red Poppy, free pattern. Made it smaller, fits perfectly, matches my bag.

Oral hygiene kit. Two layers of cotton, bonded back to back with Heat ‘n Bond. Clear vinyl pockets for all my teeth-cleaning needs. Perfect!

Tiny teapot with removable lid from the book 100 Micro Crochet Motifs by Steffi Glaves. I made it in medium weight yarn just for fun and it finished at 2″ tall. Designer’s was made in sewing thread and was probably a quarter of the size!

And finally, a wallhanging made from a quilt panel. I backed it with batting and cotton, added ladybugs to tie the layers together, hung some small dollar store tools from the bottom with buttons and jute (I bought the tools last year for my gnomes) and added a Garden sign and birdhouse that I found at the dollar store today.

I paid for the fabrics, but I’ll put it on display at work for a while then bring it home to hang it here. It will complement the strawberry summer display I have going on at the front of the store.

If you read my last post, the bag tutorial, you’ll know about the bag FO, so no need to post another photo of that.

Plans in the works: crocheted strawberries, superduper new masks especially for air travel next month, and possibly more bags. And travel plans always go hand-in-hand with crochet/knitting plans because one just cannot waste all that waiting and sitting time doing nothing with one’s hands, right?!

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  1. I love your new byline. I visit from my laptop and ipad. Ipad gives me grieve leaving comments, but think it is Google that cases the problem. I also wonder if anyone visiting via the computer these days instead of the phone, and my website is done for everything but you only get the full experience on the computer. My opinion, and no one listens. Love all your stitching projects, follow along in Instagram and Facebook too. You truly are a makeaholic.

  2. All very nice! Do you find a bucket hat easier to sew or crochet? Love the leg warmers too!

  3. Travel plans and stitching always go together. I’m making a bucket hat atm for my camping holiday in a couple of weeks, and your lovely hat has given me inspiration. Also, I’m thinking about what smallish, portable stitching project I can take with me. Any suggestions welcome 🙂

  4. Love the bucket hat!
    And fabulous colors in the legwarmers.
    I usually read your blog on my aggregator, Feedly. Though I have to click through to content.

  5. Thanks for commenting, Linda. I find some sites hard to comment on too. If I’m signed in as my Google ID rather than my WordPress one, it feels clunky. I tend to use my phone for most things these days. I turned my laptop on for the first time in ages to type up the bag tutorial because I wanted the keyboard, but I still uploaded the photos from the phone as that was quicker. Hope life is good out east!

  6. Thanks for commenting. I don’t think I’ve ever crocheted a bucket hat. My one attempt to crochet a sunhat was never completed. Sewing is faster!

  7. Thanks for commenting. At the store where I work, sewing bucket hats is a popular thing for customers to be doing. What do you like to make? I usually take a hook or three, or needles, and some yarn. Something thinner so you get more crocheting/knitting time out of it. One year I took balls of different colours and cast on a cowl. Just a tube so I could knit around and around, and for each stage of the journey, or each time I picked up my knitting during the holiday, I’d use a different colour. So the stripes were different widths but it looked good and I wear it with the reverse side showing.

  8. Thanks for commenting. Presumably you can see the whole post on Feedly. Some bloggers have it set so you can only see the first paragraph on a blog reader and have to click through to their site. I guess that’s more important if you’re getting ad revenue. There shouldn’t ever be ads on my blog.

  9. That is a nice size of bucket hat. Sometimes they tend to be too small for protection .
    Great projects ! What energy ! All so usable too.

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