Weight loss


I have just reassessed my goal in My Fitness Pal. Initially I wanted to lose 20lbs. In eight weeks, I reached 19lbs lost. The following couple of weeks, I plateaued and actually put a pound back on.

I edited my profile to a weight maintenance program and instead of 1200 calories, which I was finding restrictive, I now have a daily calorie limit of 1720. I will do my best to stay under this number, but I do want to reintroduce some foods which have been sorely lacking due to their calorie content, like avocados, nuts and seeds. I will continue to avoid refined oils and vegan butter.

We will be away for 8 days this month and I won’t even try to log food for those days as we will be eating food that others have prepared. However my activity level should go up so hopefully that will compensate.

I’m really enjoying the lighter feel to my body – walking is easier, wearing a swimsuit is not a scary proposition, my clothes look and feel better.

Have a great day!

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