Ravellenic Games


I’ve signed up to be part of a team on Ravelry for the Ravellenic Games. The name Ravelympics was banned a couple of years ago by the Oh So Serious Olympic Committee as being a breach of copyright or something…shame!

I have two favourite groups on my forums page – Remrants and Selfish knitters and crocheters, and the latter has started up a TeamMINE for which there is a badge to replace one’s avatar, if you want to. The Olympic Games in Russia are opening February 7th and finishing on the 23rd. The idea is that you set yourself a challenge (in my case it will probably be a lace shawl) to hopefully finish in that time. You can’t cast on until the opening ceremonies begin which will, I believe, be 8am PST (8pm in Russia), and the aim is to bind off by the time the closing ceremonies end.

Unfortunately, the spirit is being somewhat damaged by the heated discussions currently going on in some threads about the moderators reminding the crafters that politics is not to be discussed (except in the appropriate groups where it is positively encouraged) but many people want to talk about Russia’s horrendously antiquated and violent attitude towards homosexuals (but feel they are being silenced by prejudicial mods). Whilst I am totally for acceptance of all, LGBTQ or otherwise, I feel it’s sad that this enmity is spoiling what should be a fun knitting/crocheting challenge.

I’m not going to get embroiled in any threads on the subject and will enjoy my knitting in the spirit in which it is intended.

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