Itching to crochet


I have been following my acupuncturist’s advice and avoiding the crochet, but it’s been hard. I’ve obviously been addicted to it lately because I am really missing it. I did knit a couple more mitred squares out of the Carolina (I started these about a month ago) but I keep seeing things I want to crochet.

I still haven’t heard back from the organization that runs the local farmers and crafters market so I wonder whether I should keep making inventory or not. I look at my pile of stuff and even though it’s taken me months to make it, it doesn’t look much, when I try and visualize it displayed in a booth.

I did something new this week. I added stash to my Ravelry notebook for the very first time. I started with my latest order of Willow yarns and then added a few odds and ends I have hanging around. A teeny stash, by any measure. I am always gobsmacked by the virtual yarn stores that people on Rav have stashed at home!

Back to the elbow…I have been taking my drops (Solomon’s seal and agrimony) from the acupuncturist and also added in some Purica Recovery powder that we had in the vitamin cupboard. Tai Chi Man used to take it for joint pain but hasn’t needed it for a while, so I have taken it over. It has vegetarian MSM and glucosamine in it, among other things. We also bought arnica gel while spending lots of money at the health food store yesterday (I had a 15% off coupon to use). So I’m confident that the elbow will be well soon.

To change the subject completely, I have been enjoying Wilbur Smith novels recently. His books are so detailed, well-researched and just plain readable. Currently I’m reading Blue Horizon because it’s the sequel to Monsoon, which I loved. Another one of his is Warlock which is one of his Egyptian themed books. They are certainly full of action! I can’t read romantic fluff novels any more, and even knitting mysteries make me roll my eyes, they are so predictable. Nope, 700 – 900 pages is a good long read and can’t be finished in a day, that’s for sure.

Saturday we drove to another town for the Toyota Matrix to have its free oil change at the dealer, and have a tow hitch fitted. They also replaced the rubber in the rear wiper which was hanging pathetically off. The only thing we expected to pay for was the wiper, but they waived the charge and we didn’t have to pay a cent!

We found out while wandering around town that there was a writers’ conference in town that weekend, and you’ll never guess who the top presenter was! Diana Gabaldon, she of the Outlander series. I was so excited, I wanted to see if I could catch a glimpse of her, so we walked along the boardwalk in front of the hotel at lunchtime, but no luck! It would have been awesome to have got a selfie with her! I have just reread Outlander and have the other books on hold at the library.

It’s Victoria Day here so a public holiday. Nothing exciting planned. I have promised the family that I will bake desserts and I should definitely get out for a walk. The housework is usually done on a Monday but somehow holidays feel more like Sundays so I may defer!

Enough waffling, hope your day is awesome, and talk to you later.

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