Granny bag with straight bamboo handles


After making ten granny squares at the beach on Canada Day, I added another 16 last night while watching a movie (About Time, it’s called, and it’s highly recommended).

Today at the beach, I started using cream yarn to add another round and JAYG (join as you go).

Photo below – 16 squares joined.

Oh, the ends…

I decided to go with a four by five combination, then folded it and added two on each end for gussets.

Then came a few dc rows across the top edges, and a bit of decreasing to make sure the length worked with the handles, plus short extra bits to sew around the handles. I intend to add a little superglue to keep those tabs in place.


Showing both sides because they’re different!

The ends will have to be woven in tomorrow. My hands and patience are done for today. And then I can put it on display on Saturday and maybe even sell it.

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