The cowl, and some mitts, and a lot of snow


This is my daylight attempt yesterday, trying to get the colours to look right. The cowl, perched on the railing of my deck.

And this is the same railing today after a night of snow.


Yup, I busted a gut clearing the driveway today. Talk about a workout! It was the wet heavy kind, and it took me ages. I did it in two stages, with breakfast in between.

And this evening I finished a pair of mitts to match the cowl. Dead easy…chain 25, sc across, sc every row for 25 rows total, sew up leaving thumbhole. I may have made the thumbholes a bit snug – hopefully they won’t cut off the blood to the thumbs when worn!

James C Brett Marble Chunky, 6.5mm hook. Finished measurements about 7.5″ long and 6.75″ around.

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  1. I’m not sure which is more beautiful: the cowl and mitts, or the snow! Yes I know, it’s easy for me to say that when I haven’t had to shovel snow, but I’m so sick of dull grey drizzle, and we didn’t have ANY snow last year. At least you’ll get plenty of chance to wear your beautiful creations.

  2. Thanks. I agree that the snow is beautiful and I don’t mind shovelling it now and then. My muscles are very sore today though! Free workout. Lots of melting today and then we are supposed to get a big freeze, down to minus 20 I hear.

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