I don’t really have a name for this at the moment. My Ravelry project page is optimistically calling this Work In Progress the Awesome Vest. It’s based on the beautiful photo tutorial on this Finnish blog.


The first eight rounds of the large square that makes the upper back of the coat went swimmingly, I thought. However I had an odd number of repeats so when I went to square it up I had one side that was shorter than the other three. Not a big problem as it’s not that noticeable and I can put the shorter edge at the top.


I decided not to try copying the exact design for the smaller squares from the photos (as I had done for the large square) and went to my Simply Crochet Granny Square app for ideas. I decided on Granny Iris.


Now, if you’re thinking of getting that app, I will say a couple of things about it. The updates (Granny square patterns) came regularly every week for about 26 weeks and then stopped, and I thought maybe that was the limit. However after a three week gap, another arrived, so I guess it’s not done after all.

It’s a great idea but I was surprised that some of the photos showed squares that hadn’t been blocked or hadn’t had all the ends woven in. You’d think they would look more professionally done.

Never mind, I can accept that, but when it came to making Granny Iris today, my outer edges were so darned wavy I thought I’d made a mistake. Looked back at the chart. Looked at the photo. Looked back at the chart. Looked at the written pattern. Hmmm, the photo showed 2 dcs in spaces where the pattern and chart showed three. So I had way too many stitches around the edge. When I redid at as per the photo, all was well.

And I was so pleased with myself for finally figuring out how to crochet from a chart!

This vest is going to be a “figure it out as I go along” sort of project and if it’s half as pretty as the Finnish one I’ll be happy! Oh yes, the yarn is James C Brett Marble Chunky in the same colourway as the skirt, so I can wear them as a set.

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