Yarn binge!


I seem to have been in an acquiring mood lately. I’ve been trawling the sites, like Deramores and Premier Yarns, looking for acrylic yarns at reasonable prices and low shipping costs, and feeling a bit frustrated. 

I was actually considering (how radical!) patronising my LYS (local yarn store) to support them and save myself the wait and the shipping charges of online purchases. However, that does mean a limited amount of choice for a higher price.  I don’t even consider Wal-mart as worthy of my yarn money (that’s not to say I don’t shop there, I do). 

I get the regular emails from Michaels, complete with coupons, so today I went with the goal of buying black yarn for the border of the Abstract Cat Afghan. I took a little sample of the Willow Wash with me…it’s surprising how different black yarns can look. Luckily the Loops & Threads Impeccable Big! seems up to the task, and with the $11.99 price tag (for 858 yards) it was worth using the 40% off coupon. 

 I’m thinking that that much black would be great for a stained glass type of afghan one of these days. 

I also noticed that the impeccable  comes in True Grey, which as it turns out is very close to the Willow Wash Basalt. 

So now I’m well set for finishing the afghan. 

These also came home with me…

Bernat Handicrafter Cotton for dishcloths in Hot Blue, Hot Purple, Country Red and Sage Green, priced at $5 for four. 

And then there were these – Loops & Threads Charisma in Think Pink, Fuschia, Chocolate Cupcake (the print) and Espresso. 

Again, all on Special. I bought  three balls of each colour for an  afghan, probably a granny ripple. I’ll use a nice big hook to make it go further. 

Yes, I did fill my basket, but I didn’t pay full price for any of it, and now I swear I am off browsing online yarn for a while. Honest!

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