Towel hangers ‘n other stuff 


Spinnaker baby hat is a brand new pattern for the cutest little crocheted unisex hat, though it was designed with boys in mind. Mrs Micawber at the linked blog decided she was always making girly hats and that there needed to be a pattern designed with boys in mind. Well, as soon as I saw it, I queued it on Ravelry, and I think you will too. 

My latest project is very unexciting, though functional.

I made two loops out of leftover Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice to button around my oven door handle. I’m hoping that pulling my tea towel and hand towel through crocheted loops will hold them there better than the slippery handle. 

So, it’s Day 6 since ear surgery, and I’m still experiencing some equilibrium issues. I am feeling quite well apart from that, which has pros and cons. I’m glad to be getting better, but then I tend to overdo things and regret them afterwards. I am pretty tired by about 8pm each day, so am going to bed early, but also getting up early (for me). I did have a nice visit with friends yesterday – they came for tea and cookies – and ds1 visited today. It’s a pleasant evening, weather-wise, so maybe I can get Tai Chi Man to stroll around the block with me after our soup. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend. (=^*^=)

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